Strategy & Operations


artic solar offers a full range of services. We manufacture the XCPC collectors, and distribute them via our distribution partners. We work with project developers to design, install, operate and maintain High Temperature Solar projects.  Our team will monitor and report on the performance of the systems and projects we install.






artic solar is all about high temperatures.  It is what makes solar cool.

  • Solar PV (photovoltaic) makes electricity.
  • Solar water heating makes hot water.
  • artic solar creates the next generation of High Temperature Solar.



The "Holy Grail" of the solar business has been to make Air Conditioning with the Sun. Now, for the first time, artic solar makes that possible with a system that provides enough heat to drive absorption chillers, efficiently.


High Temperature Solar using XCPC Collectors provides enough heat, in a small enough footprint, to be truly practical for Commercial Buildings. But that's not all! High Temperature Solar has many applications.




artic solar creates projects using the breakthrough XCPC (External Concentrating Parabolic Collector) patent-pending technology.


Financial Services


Many projects are cash flow positive from day one, particularly when paired with Financial Services offered by artic solar.

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High Temperature Solar Thermal

392oF / 200oC