Emperor LH-3-2M XCPC Collectorr
UC Merced Sept 2013
UC Merced Solar Test Stand
Tube End Support
XCPC Installation Mongolia
XCPC Installaiton Mongolia
ThermaPower ORC Generator
YORK ORC Power Generator
YORK Absorption chiller
EthosGen CraftEngine



The high operating temperature of the XCPC collector allows it to be applied to many applications that were previously unattainable for the typical solar thermal technologies of Flat Plat and Evacuated Tube collectors.


Air Conditioning

Single or Double Effect Absorption Chillers


Industrial Process Heat

Manufacturing processes using hot water or steam up to +350oF



Preheat boilers for commercial buildings



Thermal desalination methods include vapor distillation


Electric Power Generation

Power generation using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generators or other Heat Engine generators.



Hydrometallurgical processing


Oil and Gas Extraction

Heating injection fluids


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High Temperature Solar Thermal

392oF / 200oC

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